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Human growth hormone

Human growth hormone
Human growth hormone
Human growth hormone
Human growth hormone
Human growth hormone
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    Info for Scandinavian customers: hormoner/peptider kan nu skickas inom EU och då ges leveransgaranti minsta order är 40 vialer man kan blanda olika produkter).Bacteriostatic vatten /Acetic acid ingår inte och måste beställas separat.

    ALTERNATIVE STEROID NAMES:HGH, Human growth hormone, Somatropin, Saizen, Somatogenas, Somatohorm, Nutropin, Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin, Sytropin, hGH, Hygetropin, Omnitrope
    ACTIVE SUBSTANCE:Human growth hormone 10 IU vial 10 vials Bacterioatatic water is not included and must be ordered separate from our store.
    Strength Gains:@@@@@@@@
    Mass & Weight Gains:@@@@@@@@
    Fat Burning:@@@@@@@@
    Side Effects:@@
    Ability to keep Gains:@@@@@@@@@
    Usual dosages:2 - 10 IU per day, for professionals 10 and more per day
    Detection time:As of 2009 not yet detectable. Since 2011 new test detects hgh for 10 - 21 days.
    Best combined with:
    Bulking:Testosterone enanthate/cypionate, Sustanon, Insulin, Anabol
    Cutting:Cytomel (T-3 thyroid), Clenbuterol, Drostanolone, Primobolan, Winstrol
    Beginner Use:@@@@@@@
    Female Use:@@@
    Pros:Great bulking/mass/fat loss/cutting drug, hard detectable.
    Cons:Extremely expensive, Hard to obtain.


    Active Life: Varies by injection method

    Drug Class: Growth Hormone/IGF-1 Precursor (for injection)

    Average Dose: Men 2-6 i.u. total daily

    Acne: No

    Water Retention: Rare High

    Blood Pressure: Rare

    Liver Toxic: No

    Aromatization: No

    Comments: High Anabolic/No Androgenic effects


    Human Growth Hormone


    It is a hormone found naturally in all human beings and is one of high and great importance; make no mistake, without Human Growth Hormone (HGH) you would fail to exist as you do today; it is that vital and it is that important. HGH is responsible for a host of functions within the human body and for year’s deficiency was not well-understood and it was not until the 1980’s that safe therapeutic measures would become a reality and the late 1990’s until it would become widely available. Prior to synthetic Human Growth Hormone hitting the shelves the only way one could obtain this invaluable hormone for supplemental purposes was by way of extraction from the pituitary of cadavers, as you can imagine this practice was riddled with problems as such methods could cause serious infection and illness. By the year 2000 biosynthetic HGH had finally become highly available to most all who desired it and since that time it has remained in high demand; perhaps more so than any hormone in existence. It is well-known many performance enhancing athletes desire HGH and in many cases more so than anabolic steroids but they are not the only ones. Human Growth Hormone has been labeled by many as the “Fountain of Youth” and for good reason; it is the one hormone that can truly preserve a youthful vigor as well as provide a maintained or even increased level of metabolic activity within the body. How safe is this fountain of youth; to this day it has a near perfect record in-terms of side-effects and adverse reactions and for its safety ranking and unbelievable effects it remains in high demand and as is common with high demand it remains very high priced.

    Human Growth Hormone:

    Human Growth Hormone is not an anabolic steroid but a member of the protein based peptide family of hormones. Regulated by the hypothalamus, it is the human brain that determines how much HGH will be produced and released by the pituitary gland and while the pituitary is responsible for release necessary production cannot occur by the pituitary alone. For Human Growth Hormone to be released the hypothalamus must release Human Growth Releasing Hormone (HGRH) as well as Somatostatin (SST) and it is by this release of both HGHRH and SST that stimulates the pituitary into action. How much is released will greatly vary from one person to the next; the amount of HGHRH and SST released will determine how much HGH you produce but again, this is not the only factor. One’s own lifestyle, the manner in-which they take care of themselves will play an intrinsic role and this encompasses both diet and exercise but it remains physical exercise or stimulation is the key factor revolving around one’s lifestyle and HGH production. The more active you are and weight training has been proven to be the most effective, the more HGH you will produce; never is this more apparent than with lower body stimulation.

    As Human Growth Hormone makes itself present within the body it immediately takes action and such action largely revolves around cellular production, repair and regeneration. This leads to a higher efficiency within the cells and the more HGH you possess the greater this efficiency increases. Such efficiency plays a vital role in growth and not simply our overall development as human beings but even in more simplistic measures such as muscle tissue growth. As you may or may not understand muscle tissue growth doesn’t necessarily mean massive piles of muscle but muscle tissue growth is essential for our overall health and metabolic function.

    Once Human Growth Hormone is present it is largely responsible for cell production, as well as repair and regeneration, which can in-turn lead to growth and higher levels of efficiency within the cells of the body. By the presence of HGH, cell-division is greatly increased, as well as the size and strength in structure of the existing cells. This simply means we now have a larger supply of cells that are structurally stronger with a greater level of efficiency to perform the various tasks they are responsible for.

    While there is much to understand if we understand the role HGH plays in the conversion rate of protein cells we begin to understand HGH more thoroughly as this potent peptide is an integral component regarding amino acid conversion. With the presence of Human Growth Hormone and the more that exists the greater this enhancement, we thereby increase the rate of amino acid conversion and when coupled with overall enhanced cellular structure our body’s overall performance and efficiency is increased.

    By its very mode of action HGH is extremely anabolic but it is perhaps its overall metabolic properties that have made it such a fascinating hormone for many in recent years and is one of the main reasons it’s often referred to as the fountain of youth. Human Growth Hormone plays a massive role in overall metabolic efficiency and plays a key role in burning stored body-fat. When you consider this immense metabolic increasing power along with the anabolic nature with which it holds you really begin to understand this is a hormone quite unlike any other.

    Human Growth Hormone also plays a vital role in-terms of our body’s healing process and for many performance enhancers this is one of the main factors one considers when HGH use is at hand. Tissue repair is essential for all individuals but even more so for the athlete as tissue repair is what brings progress; we must stimulate and tear down in order to buildup and improve. The healing power of this hormone is truly amazing, much of it surrounding both cellular structure enhancing as well as division, thereby increasing the rate in-which we heal along with improving the efficiency of the process overall. It’s actually very simple; the more HGH flowing through your body the faster you’ll heal and the more HGH in your body the greater the structure of the healing will be.

    The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone:

    You should already have a pretty decent understanding of Human Growth Hormone from above as understanding its very nature largely shows the benefits that can be obtained. However, it is important to note many of these benefits began to falter in each human being as they age; as you grow older your natural HGH production begins to decline and declines each and every year and often at a rapid rate. This is where biosynthetic supplementation really begins to shine for we can stave off the negative effects of low HGH levels by simple supplementation but of course this does not consider true performance enhancing when we speak of age. Many performance enhancers may not actually be at a stage of rapid HGH decline, yet by supplementing with the hormone and now possessing a larger amount they simply enhance the benefits by-which the hormone already naturally provides. For the HRT patient who is seeking to simply replace lost Human Growth Hormone his or her doses will be relatively low; in most cases it will not take a large amount of this potent hormone to thrive. However, in the world of performance enhancement this is not good enough; in performance enhancement we are not trying to replace but to increase beyond what our body can do on its own, therefor the dosing levels will be much higher and such doses can range dramatically depending on the individual goal(s).

    Regardless of one’s purpose and regardless of your sex, those who supplement with Human Growth Hormone can expect to see a host of benefits that will serve them in a host of ways. It is however very important to note, the extent of the benefits will vary based on several key factors including individual response, total dose and duration of use, as well if any other hormones are being exogenously introduced, such as anabolic androgenic steroids. No, you do not have to supplement with anabolicsteroids to benefit from HGH use but it will enhance the effects of the Human Growth Hormone tremendously as there is a strong synergetic affect provided.

    As for the benefits of supplemental HGH use themselves, attributes include muscle tissue growth, higher metabolic rates, a leaner and tighter physique, increased recovery within the body, increased bone, joint and tendon strength, healthier looking skin, as well as increased energy. Those are some pretty amazing traits but the good news is it does not end there. Human Growth Hormone not only affects our physical state in almost every way imaginable but our mental state as well; those who supplement with HGH will find they have stronger clarity of thought, they are able to focus more clearly and even enjoy an overall improved sense of well-being; individuals who suffer from lowHGH levels may indeed find they suffer from depression. While depression is only one issue of low levels there are many other consequences as well and to understand them we only need to say each benefit you will receive from HGH use will suffer when levels are too low; low HGH provides the exact opposite of supplemental use. We can also apply this thinking to performance enhancement; while an HRT patient will enjoy the mentioned HGH benefits the performance enhancer will enjoy them to an even greater degree as his or her doses will be much higher.

    The Side-Effects of Human Growth Hormone:

    You will find this to be one of the shortest discussions regarding adverse side-effects and any hormone, for without question Human Growth Hormone is perhaps the king in-terms of well-tolerated hormonal supplementation and is equal in toleration among both men and women. Further, not only is HGH use well-tolerated in therapeutic doses but in high-end performance enhancing doses as well.
    Yes, there are side-effects but they are not only mild they are also very rare, especially in therapeutic use. For the standard HRT patient adverse reactions are almost unheard of but some may findissues of carpal tunnel and water retention to exist and even a slight tingling feeling in the hands and feet when use first begins but it will pass. The same can be said of the performance enhancer, although the tingling sensation is almost guaranteed but if the dose is high enough he or she also runs another risk. High performance level doses do run the risk of bone growth, particularly in the hands, feet and jawline but understand these doses must not only be high for this to occur but far extending in duration at a high dose.

    Counterfeit HGH & Fragments:

    As the demand for Human Growth Hormone is through the roof the supply of fake or counterfeit HGH is abundant; in-fact, there may very well be more counterfeit HGH on the market than not. Counterfeiting in the hormone market is an unfortunate reality and much of it has to do with the strict laws placed on hormones; in many ways such laws often promote this nasty behavior and in the case of Human Growth Hormone we have the most commonly counterfeited hormone of all. While fake products will always be a concern for the performance enhancer purchasing on the black market there is another issue we must briefly discuss and it is HGH peptide fragments and these fragments are often sold legally to any willing buyer. These peptide fragments are just that, a fragment of the desired hormone but in most cases, not all but most you end up making a purchase akin to buying half a car and as you can easily understand a half a car won’t get you too far down the road. Yes, there are a few peptide fragment hormones on the market that actually work but none of them will work to the extent of true blue HGH and human grade brands such as Humatrope, Saizen, Serostim and Nutropin to name a few. When it comes time to make an HGH purchase you should always stick with brands such as mentioned, always stick with human grade and in the name of sanity please avoid the generic colored top labels that have plagued the performance enhancing world for nearly two decades; not only are they counterfeited more often than not but even if they are real they are very commonly severely under-dosed.

    Human Growth Hormone Cycles and Doses:

    When an individual supplements with hormones of an anabolic steroid nature his duration of use can vary greatly; he may be on low dose testosterone therapy for the rest of his life or he may cycle high dosed anabolics for the purpose of performance enhancing; either way his time frame will vary and should always remain in the realm of safety. The time frame for which each anabolic steroid can be used can vary dramatically from one to next in-terms of not only safety but effectiveness as well but this is not the case with Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone can be used for as long as you like and it must necessarily be used for extended periods of time if any results are to be obtained. Short HGH sessions will only be a waste of money; benefits will not appear quickly and in a general sense we can safely say 16 weeks of total HGH therapy should be the minimum duration of use to really reap a reward with 6 months of continuous use being far more optimal. No question,16-24 weeks of daily HGH use will weigh heavy on your pocket book but many of the benefits you receive will be of a more permanent nature when compared to say anabolic steroids and this is yet again another factor that really lends to HGH standing tall above the rest.

    For dosing protocol, again, this will vary greatly from one person to the next and while therapeutic doses will be lower than performance doses performance doses can vary to an even greater degree. For the HRT patient 1iu of HGH on a daily or 5 times per week schedule is very common with an occasional 2iu dosing per day; however, 2iu per day in therapeutic situations will be somewhat rare. In the world of performance enhancement 2iu per day will generally prove to be the perfect dose for women and the same dose will provide benefits to a man as well, especially regarding metabolic action but for a true anabolic effect most men will need 4iu of HGH per day. 4iu-5iu per day appears to be one of the most efficient doses any man can take and while you can take more most will not notice a big difference between say 5iu and 8iu; often it is not until we reach the 10iu mark or more that a true difference is seen. However, as we mentioned, while this is a very safe hormone for supplemental use when doses get high, especially past the 10iu mark the possible side-effects strongly increase in reality.

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