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Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344
Follistatin 344
Follistatin 344
Follistatin 344
Follistatin 344
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    Info for Scandinavian customers: hormoner/peptider kan nu skickas inom EU och då ges leveransgaranti minsta order är 40 vialer man kan blanda olika produkter).Bacteriostatic vatten /Acetic acid ingår inte och måste beställas separat.

    Review our spec sheet before you buy Follistatin 344:

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    1 mg/vial Bacterioatatic water is not included and must be ordered separate from our store.

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    10 Vial

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    Follistatin, Activin-binding protein, FST


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    Lyophilized Follistatin is stable at room temperature for 90 days,however it should be stored in a freezer below -8C for any extended period of time. After reconstituting Follistatin should be refrigerated at temperatures not to exceed 36 F.


    FOLLISTATIN-344 – 1 MG 1 vial

    Bacteriostatic water / Acetic acid is not included and must be ordered separately.


    Follistatin-344 significantly increased muscle growth and strength by blocking myostatin (GDF-8 - protein inhibiting the growth of muscle mass). Follistatin-344 is a promising inhibitor of myostatin-u, with a sufficiently secure profile.

    Follistatin-344 is also the perfect choice for athletes who are no longer able to exercise regularly, or those who have ceased to play sports, but still want to stay in shape, with massive muscles. It has been shown that the smaller the load muscles and less physical activity, the higher the concentration of myostatin subsequently.

    Follistatin-344 (also known as activin-binding protein) is an autocrine glycoprotein encoded gene FST, which is produced in almost all tissues. Its primary function in the body is bioneutralizace members of the TGF-β family of proteins, with special focus on activin and paracrine hormones. Follistatin is a potent inhibitor of myostatin-u. The original follistatin also worked as an inhibitor of activin, which in turn stimulates secretion of follicle stimulating hormone - FSH (activin regulates the growth and differentiation of nearly all cell types, including the gonads, pituitary and skeletal muscle). For this reason, scientists have developed from the original follistatin derived specific follistatin (follistatin-344), which is preferably able to block the effects of myostatin.

    Recent animal experiments, which ended in 2009 showed that the genetic regulation of follistatin levels brought significant results in an increase in muscle mass and increase strength. Subsequently, since. 2009 and successfully used in human beings, the results are recorded when daily injections of 100 mcg follistatin-344 brought in individuals weighing 86-87 kg muscle growth approx. 5 kg for 10 days.

    Peptide follistatin-344 also has a significant impact on the rejuvenation of tissues. Its distinctive anti-aging effect is comparable with the effect of melatonin and other peptides, positive anti-aging.

    With age follistatin production in the body decreases, thus increasing the side effects contrary myostatin. Myostatin except that inhibit the growth of muscle mass, also regenerates cells in adipose tissue. And because the body starts to regenerate body fat use their own endogenous proteins and free amino acids, then the number of muscle fibers with age significantly and steadily falling. That is the real reason why people in old age become "meet and obese" (they accumulate fat), and on the contrary the lack of muscle mass.
    The effects of follistatin-344:
    Follistatin-344 significantly increased muscle growth and strength (by blocking the effects of myostatin) - promotes hyperplasia (growth of new muscle cells) and active hypertrophy (increase in volume of muscle cells).
    Follistatin-344 has a strong anabolic effects (without concomitant androgenic activity), the use of follistatin-344 leads to muscle hyperplasia (growth of new muscle fibers) and active hypertrophy (increase in volume existing muscle fibers)
    Follistatin-344 has a strong ability to keep athletes in the form of massive muscle mass as though it stopped sports
    Follistatin-344 significantly improves performance
    Follistatin-344 has potent anti-aging effect, significantly affects the rejuvenation of tissues in the body
    Follistatin-344 supports the burning of body fat
    Recommended usage follistatin-344:
    100-200 follistatin-344 micrograms once per day for 10-20 days.

    Please note:
    Follistatin should not be taken by women.

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