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Trenbolone spray

Trenbolone spray
Trenbolone spray
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Trenbolone spray
Trenbolone spray
Trenbolone spray
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    ALTERNATIVE STEROID NAMES:Trenbolone Acetate, Trenabol 75, Trenabol, Trenabolic, Finaplix, Finajet.
    ACTIVE SUBSTANCE:Trenbolone Acetate spray 100mg/ml 100ml
    Strength Gains:@@@@@@@@@@
    Mass & Weight Gains:@@@@@@@@@@
    Fat Burning:@@@@@@@
    Side Effects:@@@@@@@@
    Ability to keep Gains:@@@@
    Usual dosages:300 - 900 mg per week
    Detection time:4 - 5 months
    Best combined with:
    Bulking:Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise, testosterone, Anadrol, Dianabol.
    Cutting:Winstrol, Primobolan,
    Beginner Use:@@@
    Female Use:@
    Pros:Good mass/strength gains, good definition and fat loss.
    Cons:Fast testosterone production suppression, Side effects.


    Pharmaceutical Name: trenbolone

    Chemical Structure: 17ß-hydroxestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one 

    Effective Dose: 600-900 mg/week

    The body absorbs 40-60% of the spray 10 spray is 1 ml and 100 mg

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