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Rad 140
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Rad 140
Rad 140
Rad 140
Rad 140
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RAD 140 100/ml 20mg/ml

RAD 140 is very new, so there a lot of real world data on it yet. However, it does look very promising, with an impressive anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90:1! This means that users can experience a wealth of muscle building effects without all the associated androgenic side effects.

RAD is powerful enough to limit the effect of testosterone on the prostate and other unwanted areas. It has even been shown to be more anabolic than testosterone, as well. Dosing appears to be in the 4mg to 12mg range, with optimal cycle length being 4 to 6 weeks. Given its shorter half-life (16 hours), RAD needs to be dosed at least twice daily.

What Is RAD-140(Testolone)?

For so long professional athletes and bodybuilders have been using anabolic steroids for muscle growth and energizing the body for better performance and go through long hours of practice and workout sessions.

But eventually, they realized the negative consequences they may face due to the intake of these anabolic steroids in their bodies.


To solve this problem, the pharmaceutical company called Radius Health, Inc. manufactured “Testolone RAD 140” more popularly known as “Testolone”.

RAD 140 is a type of investigational Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators (SARMs) that has all the positive effects of an anabolic steroid but eliminates the harmful effects associated with it.

It was initially made for preventing muscle loss and it is still under the developing stage as many researchers believe it can be used in the future as a treatment in different health-related problems like breast cancer.

People may also think about why to use SARMs over anabolic steroids. The main reason is that SARMs are very careful in selecting the androgenic receptors existing in bones and muscle tissues and they work specifically for each androgenic receptor whereas anabolic steroids do not.

Androgens are present in both male and female bodies in different quantities. It is basically a natural hormone that helps in developing male characteristics and controlling the growth of secondary sex organs.

The principal androgen is Testosterone which is present at a very high quantity in males and it regulates male traits and reproductive activities.

SARMs imitate the functions of androgens and associate themselves with their receptors directly. SARMs are very sensitive in their approach and they give the best outcome.

Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, could be dangerous at times and create health problems like liver damage, breast growth in males, and abnormal hair growth in different parts of the body in the case of both men and women.

Even the side effects of SARMs are nothing in comparison to the side effects of anabolic steroids.

RAD 140 is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

It is considered the most powerful SARM and its characteristics are very closer to those steroids.

Benefits Of RAD 140 (Testolone)

A number of bodybuilders regard RAD-140 as a substance that could benefit their bodies. They also claim that they also see an improvement in muscle mass.

Below are some of the benefits listed according to them.

  • They claim that Testolone carries out anabolic activities by specifically targeting the androgen receptors present in muscle tissues and bones. It could help in building muscles and increasing the size of muscles.

  • According to them, RAD-140 also increases bone density and overall muscle strength in the body.

  • RAD 140 is also useful as a fat cutter. It melts down the fats stored in the body and promotes weight loss.

  • It increases the level of testosterone in the body. A higher level of testosterone brings a feeling of positivity and excitement among the humans, their sexual desires are enhanced which is beneficial for those having sexual desire disorder.

  • It increases the muscle power and energy level in the body. The users feel motivated and triggered to lift up heavy weights and perform difficult activities at ease. They do not face the feeling of tiredness in the gym and they recover faster after every workout.

  • The most important factor that contributes to the popularity of RAD 140 is that it does not aromatize. Therefore, it prevents the users from facing problems like water retention, breast tissue swelling.

  • A protein called amyloid-beta is responsible for destroying memory and other functions of the brain. Testolone safeguards the brain cells by blocking the entry of this protein and enhances the memory power and learning capacity of the brain by improving brain cell growth. It will also safeguard the brain from memory loss that usually happens in old age.

  • As per them, RAD 140 discourages the production of a protein called ESR1 which is one of the factors responsible for activating breast cancer.

  • Pro RAD140 consumers also claim that, It does not hamper vital organs like the liver and kidney.

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