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Anavar sublingual drops

Anavar sublingual drops
Anavar sublingual drops
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Anavar sublingual drops
Anavar sublingual drops
Anavar sublingual drops
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  • Model: Oxandrolone sublingual drops
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    ALTERNATIVE STEROID NAMES:Anavar, Oxandrolone, Oxanbol, Anatrophill, Lipidex, Lonavar, Vasorome, Oxandrin, Oxanabol, Oxandrolona, Oxandrolonum, Protivar, Oxanadrolic, Oxan 5
    ACTIVE SUBSTANCE:Oxandrolone 40mg/ml 30 ml drop bottle
    Strength Gains:@@@@@@
    Mass & Weight Gains:@@@
    Fat Burning:@
    Side Effects:@@
    Ability to keep Gains:@@@@@@@@@
    Usual dosages:50 - 100 mg per day
    Detection time:3 weeks
    Best combined with:
    Bulking:Rarely used for bulking: Testosterone, Dianabol
    Cutting:Primobolan, Winstrol, Halotestin, Proviron, Trenbolone
    Beginner Use:@@@@@@@@
    Female Use:@@@@@@@@@
    Pros:Very good cutting agent, Low side Effects, Suitable for women
    Cons:High price, countefeited / UG products rarely contain Oxandrolone


    Pharmaceutical Name: Oxandrolone (OXA) 

    Chemical Structure: 5 alpha-androstan-2-oxa-17 alpha-methyl-17 beta-ol-3-one

    Molecular Weight Of Base: 306.4442

    Effective Dose: 30-100 mg/day for men, 10-50 mg/day for women

    20 drops is 1 ml and shoudl be taken 2 times a day morning and night.

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